Reflecting on 2019 - February


For day two, I am looking at February! February I started a new job and made some good friends there, got some good experience working in a dental office, and got to go to California to celebrate my Abuela's 80th!

My brother was able to come out to California again finally, so we had a good weekend. The party was at a chinese buffet and the food was actually really good! The aunts all made a slideshow and speeches, and Camila and I also spoke at the party. (Everyone knows we are just vying for second place, though, as Abuela's favorite! lol).

My Abuela  is a hard-working role model for us and we are all very grateful to have her living with us in the states now. Before, when she still lived in Ecuador, the distance made it hard for us to really get close to her. Now that she is here we see her so much more, and I am so thankful for that. We even had Colorado family and some Ecuador relatives in town for it.

After dinner we had a little family party at a place Cuqui rented. I got to run around with Nicole for a bit and catch up on some things and talk a little bit about wedding things. Then, back at the house, we all drank (a lot), danced (a little), and had way too much fun talking all night.

The next morning I got to have a coffee date with the bestest (Sarah) and we walked around the mall in HB and talked. I am always thankful to see her!

So for February, I am grateful for the opportunity of new job experience, for the ability to see my family more, for Ryan and my mom helping me travel when I need to, and for my friends.

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