Reflecting on 2019 - January


To start this off, I want to just show some gratitude for some of the things that happened this year, one blog post for every month of this year. I feel I have not been as appreciative for everything in my life as I should be, and I want to go into 2020 with love, appreciation, and ambition. So, here goes!


Ryan and I were fortunate enough to spend New Year's together, at home, with friends and it was so fun. I loved our house, we all had fun (though we did freeze our drunk bums off for about an hour while we thought someone had let the cat out of the house, oops.)

Yes, Ryan wore a creepy baboon onesie...

We also may or may not have accidentally scared Caiti's son when midnight hit, he had fallen asleep and we all yelled, so sorry Crew!

We drank too much, had a lot of fun playing different games, (did not) lose the cat, and I got to go to work the next morning with a wicked hangover, but it was worth it.

Then, I went to Oklahoma for the first time to visit my dad and Marlene mid January. I spent the week running around with my step-mom and went out on the weekend with the two of them to Bricktown. It was super cute, we went to a few different bars and walked around. I finally got to see their house, visit with Tina (pictured below), and even got food poisoning! (The food was still good though, so I don't really regret it.) Marlene took me to the animal shelter she volunteers at and we watched a bunch of movies! 


Found this ominous plastic cup hanging in the bathroom of a bar we went to...

Before I left, we went to the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum. The memorial was lovely and the preserved areas of the bombing with the footage and recordings were heart-wrenching. I had not really heard of the bombing, more than likely because it happened before I was old enough to know about these things. All in all, definitely worth a visit. 

I am grateful for all the friends that Ryan and I have and were able to spend time with celebrating the New Year!

I am so thankful I was able to go visit my dad and step-mom in Oklahoma and spend some time running around with Marlene. They live far away but I am glad I can still talk to them and see them occasionally too. I hope that next year I can see them even more.

And as always, I am thankful for Ryan, thanks for ringing in another New Year with me and I love you and can't wait for 2020 with you.


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