Reflecting on 2019 - March


Oh, March. March was something else. Maybe the hardest month of the year? I am grateful for it, though. Ryan and I were going through a lot at this point of the year, but I won't get in depth on that. All I really want to say about that is how thankful I am that we made it through. I am so beyond grateful for you Ryan, your patience (especially when I don't deserve it), for believing in us and helping me believe it again too. I love you. I want to become as supportive of you as you have been of me.

On to the rest of the month. March was busy. There were two weddings this month, one for my friend Bryndee, which was in Utah and was in a really cool little venue!

She had pizza and cake pops (which I loved!) and the sunset in those windows was gorgeous as well! (So much so that Ryan actually took a nice picture of me for once, instead of his usual passed-the-f-out-with-my-mouth-open-snoring-on-a-road-trip photos).

After that, we had my cousin Drew's wedding! California bound again and we had a good time. They even had cute little succulents for everyone to take home! It was so fun to be around the Gerard side of the family again. Everyone had a little too much to drink but there was dancing and loads of laughing and Drew and Sophia looked fabulous!

So for March, I am thankful for all the stress and tears that make me appreciate where we are now so much more. I am grateful for Ryan. Period. I am grateful for being able to see one of my best friends get married to her best friend and get so much of what she wanted in one year (gorgeous house, married, and a healthy baby boy!) I am thankful I was there to for my cousin's wedding which reminded me I don't have to be rushed by society to get married, if we want to wait, we can, if we are ready, we can do it. So, we will!


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