Dreamings - Flight


In an effort to actually finish the book idea I have been churning around endlessly in my mind (for years...), I need to write out all these dreams filling notebooks and journals.

Enjoy the butter.



Like standing in the sand with the water pulling out to curl into a wave, I can feel the earth disappearing beneath my toes. There is no water. There is no sand. There is no ocean roaring towards me, but instead, the wind. It is whipping my hair and I can feel gravity releasing me.

The earth beneath my feet disappears completely and I look down. The surrounding landscape is slipping farther and farther from my floating soles. I panic, want to cry out, but there is no sound. I am passing tree tops and unable to grab hold of anything that might keep me from disappearing into space, I begin to spin.

Trees, Earth, sky. Trees, Earth, sky. Trees, Earth, stars. I am getting close enough that the sky is darkening from pale blue to the deep blue, star-speckled darkness of space. I can see the edges of the Earth rounding out of my reach.

I find that I have stopped receding. Something, like an invisible rope about my waist, has kept me attached even if gravity itself has let me go. I float and sway like I'm buoyed on the shores of the universe. It’s beautiful and the butterflies in my stomach are of both excitement and terror. I should wonder at the feat of flight, or at the possibility swimming through nebulas and across galaxies, but still, I find myself hopelessly yearning for the solid ground.

I soar above the treetops, struggling to land and kept from breaking away into the abyss by my invisible anchor. 


Look out for my post next week, I’m making some changes, making some plans, and making a little magic!

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