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My instagram accounts will probably be taking a slightly different direction. I am still developing my artistic style/identity and need to work more on my writing, digital art, and photography.

The goal has been to find a way to combine all three together in a way that feels comfortable to me and makes me happy. To do this, I have decided to split everything into more bite size pieces.

Digital art, fanart, and other paintings will be on my @kleesygdraws, while blog related posts, poetry and photography will be taking over my personal account: @kleesyg.

That being said, I am working on making lock screen images to sell on Gumroad right now. These lock screens will have some of my love notes and short poems, as well as some new projects I am working on. Maybe do some fanart lock screens too.

December 3rd, 2019, I will release the first set of lock screens. Thank you in advance and I appreciate the support!

Until my lock screens are released, here is a dream.

 Cracking Crystal Skulls

Of all the things to visit me in the night, these are the worst of them. These blank-faced bodies that lurk in the half-conscious moments before I actually wake. Their visits are unwelcome but far from few. 

I wake to the uncomfortable feeling of eyes on me. Sometimes the shell will stand at the foot of the bed, a silhouette in the light of the television. Other times, standing on his side of the bed. So quietly, watching over his sleeping body. They’re easier to handle if they remain in the doorway when I wake, standing sentry in the hall or a few feet from the bed.

Other times they rush the room from the doorway, coming to the foot of the bed or even, to my side of the bed and I have to close my eyes and hold my breath to keep from crying out, until I can convince my mind to erase them from this reality.

But the worst is when they are closest to me. When I wake to find one standing on my side of the bed and I find I’m staring up into a face I can never remember. 

Having the shells so close in the place I should feel safe, it cracks my mind. Spider-webbing fissures in the crystal mirror of real-life. These are the ones I scream for, the ones that battle me, vision versus reality.

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