Homemade Magic, Apply Daily.

“We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already.”

-J.K. Rowling

Recently, I have turned my attention to the thoughts and stories I tell myself. Too many times I find that I am belittling or doubting myself, which in turn lowers the potential for who I want and envision myself being.

So, I have been very interested in the idea of cell spells. These are essentially just lock screen images I create with affirmations or words I use to create the person I want to be. I incorporate moon phases and flowers into these designs based on their meanings, healing capabilities, or past symbolism (primarily Victorian era flower meanings).

I figure, people use affirmations to help align their mind frame with the lives they want for themselves, but not all of us get up early or make time during our day to read or speak these affirmations daily.

However, a lot of us (more than most like to admit) do look at their phones pretty regularly throughout the day. So, if I look at my phone frequently and, by chance, see the lock screen on my way into Instagram, then I will probably see the cell spell. Seeing these cell spells so regularly, I can manifest the ideas I am reading into my own life.

If we are the stories we tell ourselves, then I want to make sure that I like the person I tell myself I am.

It is my hope that I can help other people talk themselves into the lives they have been dreaming of, or at least give them something to smile about with these cell spells and lock screens.

I will keep working on these and hopefully post more soon. If you think of a cell spell you would like that I have not created, I am open to requests. Find me on Gumroad at https://gumroad.com/kleesy for updates and products coming soon.

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