I have an Idea... Dreaming but Fuzzily


I figure I need to start writing something here, so why not start collecting all the ridiculous dreams and nightmares I have? I have really vivid dreams (they sometimes continue after I wake up which always ends up being a ridiculous mess of me screaming about things that aren't there, I'm sure Ryan loves that). I have been wanting to make a collection/anthology/plain old book containing my snippets of dreams and nightmares and random illustrations (also by me), so maybe this will be a good way to get myself started on that.

Apologies for any real-life adventures or even dreams I may document that may contain foul-language or other strange ideas.

So, without further ado, here is an old nightmare/dream.

I died in my sleep last night. Something happened, I was conscious and with two people, but my heart was no longer beating. One of them, I don't know who he was but he made me happy. We talked and adventured for a day with the other person, a girl. I couldn't remember her face. But then I realized, I don't want this, I want to be alive, I want to feel my heart beating, I want to touch warm skin to warm skin and feel electric at the touch. I wanted this man. He was overjoyed. We got to work. The girl began defibbing me. He did some chest compressions. I was scared I had been dead too long. We kept trying. It felt like forever. Then I was opening my eyes, I was in a bed and my heart was racing. MY HEART WAS BEATING. It was beating so hard in my chest I could hear it in my ears and feel it in my throat. I felt this consciously in my dreaming state. I kept checking my pulse after that, hands to my tender neck, I had been strangled to death and I couldn't even feel the pain until after I came back to life. I was so scared my heart wouldn't keep beating. Then I saw he was there in the bed next to me, this smiling, happy man that I could not recognize. I crawled to him. "It worked? I'm really alive again?" He smiled and touched his lips to mine, softly, my heart went off on a gallop again. "You are. And I am too." Then I was on top of him and we were appreciating the joining of our beating hearts and rushing blood under warm skin.


That was an old dream, a fairly mellow one. I'll hopefully be adding another dream, new art, short story, or real-life adventures, every week.

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