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Writing about the book launch I attended last year.

I got to attend another book launch for my mother and this time I was a part of it. Her collection of stories has seven frightening tales in it and "She Caught a Ride" was my small contribution to it.

While we were out there I made my necessary run to the sand in Huntington Beach and got to visit with so many of the people I love. Those quick weekend trips to California are exhausting but always so worth the sunshine, smiles, and sights.


The launch took place on Friday night, November 2nd 2018, at the Mira Mesa Barnes and Noble. We had a pretty good turnout, if I do say so myself, and the night went smoothly. Surrounded by family and friends, Patricia Bossano introduced her latest work to the world.

As for the book itself, most of the stories in the book are based on local legends or haunted places, which stem themselves in fact. "Alison," "Carolina Blue," "205 1/2 25th Street," and "She Caught a Ride" were all written with haunted histories or urban legends in northern Utah as the spine. Ranging from Flo's resting place in North Ogden, down Washington Boulevard to the playhouse haunted by young Alison, and along notorious 25th street where we meet Rose Davie and the young woman in blue weeping on the train tracks, the stories create a treasure hunt of thrills along the Wasatch front.

Other stories in the book, however, were based on real-life happenings and myths. The body of the book is made mostly of Patricia Bossano's Novella "Abiku." "Abiku" is a gripping story of a young boy's accidental summoning of a horrifying spirit from across the sea and the decisions the teen has to make when lives are on the line. The remaing two stories "By the Iron Gate" and "Curse Lifted" come from Bossano's own dreams and personal encounters with the supernatural.

I may be biased, but the stories make for good late-night reading when you're in the mood for a bite of something scary. Curl up with a cup of cocoa to fight off the chill of winter and the cool grip of these spooky stories.

You can get your own copy on amazon here, in kindle, hardcover, and paperback formats.

Find it on Barnes & Noble like this.

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