The Eternal Existential Struggle


Yep, still struggling with what I want to do forever.

So, here's a sleepy-time sip of my mind.


Slipped off the edge of the sea, in an air boat, off to adventure just him and me.

We slid through the city in silence, our hearts filling with and spilling its's essence.

There, in a world all brand-new, into love we fell fast with our witnesses few.

See it wasn't the sushi, and it wasn't the loo. Not even his quiet, but that did help it too.

 It was the way the light fell, kindness from unfamiliar faces, and an adventure for only two.


We loved Japan so much. So god-damned much. I can't wait to go back and, hopefully when I do, I'll be able to communicate in Japanese.

Someday, I hope to post more about this.

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