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I always knew I wasn't one of those.     I find myself dreaming because I'm waking. I dream of my dreamings while awake and sleep-missing. The dreamings that feel so much realer than waking. The real feels unreal because dreamings and sleepings both lie in my bed and sneak softly out my window when Day comes knocking. Infrequent and short-lived are these meetings under moonlight, and so often Sleeping comes late and leaves early without Dreaming. Sleeping requires so much, for too little, not enough. But Sleeping, he comes nightly where Dreaming visits sparsely. Dreaming, she's bright and enormous, her...

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The Hamster Wheel


What do you do when you have gone to school thinking, like everyone else seems to think, that success would be coming your way? Why did I grow up believing, without real reason, that money and acquisition of my dreams would just fall neatly into my lap without any effort on my part? Where did that idea, that I am destined for greatness, even come from? I finished my degree, in English (I know, I know, just another art mind complaining about not making money, I know.) it was December, and at that point I already kind of knew, I...

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I have an Idea... Dreaming but Fuzzily


I figure I need to start writing something here, so why not start collecting all the ridiculous dreams and nightmares I have? I have really vivid dreams (they sometimes continue after I wake up which always ends up being a ridiculous mess of me screaming about things that aren't there, I'm sure Ryan loves that). I have been wanting to make a collection/anthology/plain old book containing my snippets of dreams and nightmares and random illustrations (also by me), so maybe this will be a good way to get myself started on that. Apologies for any real-life adventures or even dreams...

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First Blog Post (again...)


I hope to add to this space my dreams and hopes, my attainment of them, as well as every failure and interesting moment in between. Maybe some love, maybe some travels, maybe, even, some pretty words.

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