About Me

Writer and artist, adventure collector and midnight poet, I come with some darkness and a little magic.

Welcome and thanks for making it this far. Learning is my forever-hobby and pursuing the aesthetically-pleasing. I paint, I write, I draw, and occasionally game. The world is too big a place and we live too short a time, so I aim to take in as much of it as I can.

Travel shapes so much of my writing and ambition. My mother's South American roots, and regular trips to Ecuador, gave me enough of the world to make my hunger for 'away' become insatiable. My hope is for the blog section to become crowded with adventures, passion and dreams. Hopefully it will encompass that giant hunger-hole in my soul I try to fill with art and words.

I completed my Bachelor's degree in English with a creative writing emphasis from Weber State University and have two stories published. One titled "After Last Call" in Metaphor's undergrad literary journal in the 2017 edition (find it here on page 106), and the other in Patricia Bossano's Seven Ghostly Spins. I've got something new I am working on too with WaterBearer Press, more to come on that at a later date.

Currently living in Northern California with my leveled-up boyfriend, two needy dogs, and a very loud cat.